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80 conversations this week!!! woohoo!!!

Wow, when I look back on this week (first), I counted up how many conversations I had had, with different people, and all in all I had 80 conversations, relating to lots of different kaupapa. Mostly about education, but spreading the word about politics. Ive even joined NZ Politics on facebook, and boy am I learning a lot about how people are feeling about different political parties. You have to read their comments to see. So if you are on facebook, have a browse at some of the political jargon and debate thats going on in there, and have a say. Man, its funny, too, because, if you give a viewpoint and someone doesnt agree, they literally bite your head off. And then you want to bite their head off as well. The good thing is you cant see them, and they cant see you hahahahaha!!! So have a go! Its good learning and can be quite hilarious.

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