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36 conversations - submitted by Willie Robinson, 9 May

Today I have had 36 conversations at Marcellin School, Kai-Iwi School, Keith Street School and Tupoho. No new members recruited. I include two photos as evidence (see below), didn't always remember to take photos.

Marcellin School (below top) (8:15am) and Kai-Iwi School (9am) have been about working with all staff members in each of those schools beginning with one of our first Māori heros - Maui (The Maui Stories By Willie Robinson).

The conversation at Keith St. School was concentrated on developing a consultation process with Māori, marae, hapu, Iwi, parents, caregivers, whanau reference group to consult on the Kaupapa of the school which is displayed in picture form - we call it a visual narrative (below bottom: see the picture that Clyde is holding). We meet with the Putiki marae committee on Sunday morning as the school's 'mana-marae'. The idea is to work a joint venture whereby the stories of our heroes and heroines in Whanganui, our Tupuna, are told at the marae, that the marae tells the stories not the teachers. This then provides the focus for Keith Streets visits to Putiki marae.

The principals at each one of these schools (including Keith St.) are heroes for Maori education (they aren't Māori) but their internal strength has been a key factor in Te Reo Maori, Tikanga Maori, Kapa-Haka programmes being in their schools despite the fact that they do not have many Maori. They have resisted the red-neck element and the detractors, the negative-anti-maori sentiments and ensured that all of their staff are learning Te Reo and all their kids are being exposed to things Maori.

I include the form (Quality: Willies Strategy for WWW) that I devised that will help to guide my conversations and deliver 4 key messages this week.

  1. The Campaign for Miro Māori the Maori sector of NZEI is about “Quality Māori Education”.
  2. It parallels the overall NZEI campaign of “A Quality Public Education System.”
  3. The Strategy is about having 100,000 conversations!
  4. This term (Term 2) we are highlighting our Māori Heroes.

I include the conversation that I will be having with Wanganui-East School tomorrow-morning at 8:10am; based on growing teachers and parents as heroes.

"This programme is about empowering teachers and parents to become ‘Heroes’ for their own children and others in the basics of one Māori discipline. It is one of those examples of a “Quality Māori Education” by growing their knowledge and skills in Harakeke, so that they can assist and aid students more ably. The process is about growing teacher capability, then parent/caregiver capability, so that each is able to give more one-on-one attention to individual children."

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Comment by Stephanie Mills on May 18, 2011 at 9:59
Amazing! You're setting an example to us all.
Comment by Manu Pohatu on May 12, 2011 at 20:04
Wow Willy, fabulous mahi you're doing. Kei runga noa atu koe!

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